Small Flow Gas Coalescing Assembly

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Small Flow Gas Coalescing Assembly

The Small Flow Gas Coalescing Assembly are a rugged, inexpensive, high efficiency assembly that eliminate problems caused by oil, water, and dirt in air or gas.

Performance Specifications

  • Removal of 99.99% of all aerosols 0.3 microns and larger. Typical downstream aerosol concentrations are less than 0.003 ppm.
  • Patented surface treatment that prevents liquids from wetting the coalescer media allowing for higher gas flow capacity and lowered fouling tendency and differential pressure.
  • Consistent performance using thin fibers and fixed pore construction optimized for efficient coalescing.
  • Long service life due to pleated media structure and surface treatment.
  • Low energy losses with typical saturated pressure drop of 1.2 psid (82.7 mbard).
  • Wide range of compatibility for use with process gases, compressor oils, hydrocarbon condensates, and water.


SFG Coalescer Features

Positive Seal: Standard seal material is Nitrile (H13) available as either an internal o-ring or flat gasket depending on coalescer size.

Outer Drainage Layer: Drainage of coalesced liquid and protection from re-entrainment is provided by a polymeric outer drainage layer. This ensures consistent, high efficiency performance.

Metal Support Core: Axial strength and protection against liquid slugs are provided by a perforated inner support core constructed of 304 stainless steel.

Outer Cage: Media support during operation is provided by a 304 stainless steel outer support cage.

Primary Coalescer: Coalescing is achieved by use of a high area pleated glass fiber medium that is surrounded by a non-woven polymeric support and drainage layers. A patented surface treatment is used that enhances coalescer performance and lowers fouling tendency and pressure drop.

End Caps: 304 stainless steel end caps are used to improve cartridge strength and prevent contaminant bypass.

Key Benefits

  • Protects process analyzers.
  • Safeguards instrument air operated equipment and systems.
  • Prevents orifice plugging in pneumatic controllers.
  • Improves accuracy of gas measurements in the field or plant.
  • Decreases freeze-out and corrosion problems.
  • Reduces fouling in small gas-driven engines.
  • Provides reproducible high-quality gas for all operations sing produced gas.


SFG Coalescer