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Athalon Filter Elements

The Ultimate in Filter Performance

Pall’s Athalon filter elements are hydraulic and lube oil filters combine Beta x(c)≥2000 rated, stress-resistant filter technology and a full range of housings to provide the greatest overall filter performance and value available in industry today.

Over the years, Pall’s continuous media development program has made many advances in the state-of-the art in fluid clarification.

Athalon filters represent another industry first for lube and hydraulic filters with an unequaled Betax(c)≥2000 removal efficiency rating. This enhanced performance ensures equipment protection and extends component and fluid life.

Features of the Athalon Filter Elements

Laid Over Pleat (LOP) Filter Media Geometry

  • Maximizes filtration area.
  • Increases flow handling capability.
  • Reduces filter element size.


Stress-Resistant Filter Medium

  • Improves fluid cleanliness consistency.
  • Improves performance in ‘real world’ conditions.


Anti-Static Construction

  • Minimizes static charge generation.
  • Prevents damage to filter element, housing, or fluid due to static discharge.


Coreless/Cageless Construction

  • 60% lighter than comparable filter elements with cores
  • Reduces disposal costs (filter elements are incinerable, shreddable or crushable).


Simple to Install and Inexpensive to Maintain

  • Common port and mounting interfaces and cover servicing makes maintenance quick and easy to perform with the minimum of basic tools.