Heavy Duty Extended Life Filter Bags (MAX PONG)

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Heavy Duty Extended Life Filter Bags (MAX PONG)

The PONG Heavy Duty Extended Life filter bags (MAX PONG) are the leader in high-efficiency, low-cost filtration. Its seamless micro-fiber graded density cartridge insert removes trace oils that frequently occur in process fluids, and provides up to four times the dirt-holding capacity of conventional polypropylene bags. Combined with its welded seam felt cover and PolyLoc® ring for elimination of unfiltered bypass, it becomes the perfect choice for uses where longer-lasting, high-efficiency filter bags are needed. The MAX PONG Heavy Duty Extended Life filter bag is ideal for continuous flow applications such as e-coat and phosphate baths, and batch applications including oils, edible oils and syrups, or any final or polishing filter requirements.


  • High-efficiency, low-cost filtration is ideal for continuous flow applications.
  • Welded seam construction eliminates unfiltered bypass due to needle holes.
  • Large dirt-holding capacity and lower pressure drop provide long service life.
  • Adsorbs smaller particles and filters wide range of particle sizes.
  • Pure polypropylene microfiber insert contains no sizing, bonding adhesive, resin, lubricant, silicone or antistatic chemicals.
  • FDA compliant to meet food grade government standards.
  • PolyLoc® ring creates hermetic seal to prevent liquid bypass.

Specifications for Heavy Duty Extended Life Filter Bags (MAX PONG)

Available Materials

  • Polypropylene filter bag with 100% polypropylene rigid insert

Maximum Operating Temperature

  • Polypropylene: 200-220° F (93-104° C)

Suggested Differential Pressure

  • 35 PSIG maximum — dirty
  • 10-15 PSIG optimum change out

Micron Rating

  • 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100


  • #1: 7” x 16” (17.78 cm x 40.64 cm)
  • #2: 7” x 32” (17.78 cm x 80 cm)

Other Specifications

  • Plastic PolyLoc® Rings
  • Welded Seam Construction
Type of Filter
B = Filter Bag
MAX = Maximum Life
PONG = Polypropylene non-inserted felt
Micron Rating
See specifications
1, 2
P = PolyLoc®
WE = Welded Seam Construction