Aerolith S Filter Elements

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Aerolith S Filter Elements

Aerolith S Filter Elements are a further development of the well-known Pall® product Aerolith with improved properties. Composed of selected high quality ceramic raw materials, the alumosiliceous filter material Aerolith S is produced in a controlled production process as a cylinder, candle or tile. The special merits of Aerolith S filter elements are the higher mechanical stability as well as an improved pH resistance in the alkaline range. Due to the porous labyrinth structure with high particle storage capacity, Aerolith S filter elements are well suited for depth filtration applications up to temperatures of 700°C.



  • Particle filtration of Liquids: Acids, water and alcohol.
  • Particle filtration of Gases: Process gases, mixed gas, air, sewer gas, natural gas, and liquid gas.
  • Coalescer: Compressed air, nitrogen and carbon dioxide.
  • Storing Media: Water, colour and ink.
  • Vacuum Lance: Retention of fire extinguishing powder.



  • Nutsches: Mud thickening.


General Information

  • Porous Aerolith S ceramic is approved for the utilization in drinking water according to German regulations DVGW W270 and the KTW recommendation.
  • Aerolith S filter elements can be machined using hard metal tools.
  • Ceramic elements are to be handled with care.
  • Elements can be easily glued using commercial glues which Pall can supply. Consideration must be paid to operating temperature and chemical resistance.
  • Pall can supply a variety of element fixing systems.


Chemical Resistance³

Aerolith S filter elements are resistant against most acids, saline solutions and organic solvents, liquid or gaseous. It does not resist hydrofluoric acid. Aerolith S filter elements are resistant up to pH 10 in the alkaline range.

³ As end use conditions can vary, it is the users responsibility to verify compatibility with their specific use conditions.

Aerolith S Technical Information

¹ PSG Retention efficiency test 99.98%
² Depending on operating conditions

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