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Coralon Filter Elements

Keeping Fluids Cleaner, Longer, for Greater Value

Coralon filter elements represent a significant advancement in equipment protection and are a direct replacement (same form, fit, and function including fluid and temperature compatibility) for current Ultipor filter elements.

Features of the Coralon Filter Elements

  • Direct replacement for Ultipor elements
  • Advanced pack design
  • Stress-resistant media technology
  • Out-to-in flow path*

except for in-tank filter options

Innovative Media Performance
Pall’s new series of hydraulic & lube filter elements feature SRT (stress-resistant technology) media for unsurpassed performance and value.

Coralon elements provide:

  • Low element pressure drop for small envelope size and long life
  • Optimum performance under system stresses at all stages of filter life for consistently cleaner fluid


In addition to improved performance, what differences will I see?

  • Coralon filters upgrade Pall Ultipor III, Ultipor III Coreless, Ultipor Dirt Fuse, Ultipor SRT, Ultipor Plus, Ultipor Max, and Red1000 elements in all standard medium grades (Z, P, N, S, T).
  • The new elements will have a medium code of “C” in place of existing “U”, “D”, “K” “M” or “X” code in the current filter element part number.


Coralon Filter Elements

Coralon Filter Elements

Element Collapse Pressure Rating
10 bard (150 psid) minimum for Coreless Ultipor filter elements (polymer end caps) and for use in filters with bypass.

20 bard (300 psid) minimum for Ultipor filter elements (metal end caps and core) and for use in filters with bypass.

210 bard (3,045 psid) minimum for Ultipor high strength filter elements (metal end caps and core) and for use in filters without bypass.

Temperature Range (Fluorocarbon)
-29oC (-20oF) to +120oC (+250oF)
Temperature Range (Nitrile)
-43oC (-45oF) to +120oC (+250oF)
Maximum 60oC (140oF) in water based fluids
Fluorocarbon or nitrile
Fluid Compatibility
Compatible with petroleum oils, water glycols, water-oil emulsions, and high water containing fluids.
Filter Construction
Cored filter elements – Corrosion protected end caps and core Coreless filter elements – Polymer end caps only.
Filter Element medium
Inorganic fibers impregnated and bonded with epoxy resins.

All Coralon filter elements are manufactured by Pall to exacting procedures and strict quality controls. Elements are validated to the following ISO test protocols:

  • Filter Ratings:
    • Cyclic Stabilization Test (80% Δp ) based on SAE ARP4205.
    • ßx(c)≥1000 multi-pass filter ratings (per ISO 16889)
  • Element Collapse Pressure Rating (ISO 2941)
  • Fluid Compatibility (ISO 2943)
  • Flow vs. Pressure Drop (ISO 3968)
  • Flow Fatigue (ISO 3724)
  • Fabrication Integrity (ISO 2942)