Pall Profile II Filter Elements

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Pall Filter Elements

Pall Profile II Filter Elements

Profile II filter elements are all polypropylene. The elements have an absolute-rated downstream section, and a continuously graded pore size upstream section, which increases service life many-fold.

The materials of construction – chemically resistant polypropylene – permit application in a very wide range of corrosive and non-corrosive fluids. The fibers in Profile II filters may be considered continuous. No binder resin is used – the fibers are “bonded” by intertwining during the manufacturing process. As a result, Profile II filters show no media migration.

The Profile II filter elements has numerous applications in a broad range of industries that include chemical, petrochemical, photo-chemical, pharmaceutical, biological, electronic, magnetic tape, electroplating, food and beverage, cosmetic, veterinary, medical and fermentation industries. They are used as both pre-filters and as final filters.

Operating Characteristics
Recommended maximum pressure differential is 60 psi up to 30°C (86°F), 50 psi up to 50°C (122°F), 30 psi up to 70°C (158°F), and 15 psi up to 82°C (180°F).

For applications where the filters are heated for any reason above 122°F (50°C) and the temperature is then reduced by 36°F (20°C) or more, AB Series elements are recommended. See Bulletin PRO 400 and PRE-1 for more detailed information.

Table I. Profile II Cartridge Grades And Their Characteristics

Profile II Cartridge Grades

  1. Air flow used for these data was 20 cfm/10² module, except grade 700, which was run at 4 cfm.
  2. Pressure drop is PSI per GPM for a single 10² module. For multiple elements, divide by number of modules. For fluids other than water, multiply by viscosity in centipoise.
  3. For longer modules, increase the flow rates listed in proportion. The flow rates listed do not take into account pressure losses due to flow in the internal diameter of the element, which becomes significant above about 40 to 60 cfm.
  4. Extrapolated values.
  5. Precise evaluation of the 100% removal efficiency for these coarse grades is not possible with test procedure utilized.

* AB style only.

The Profile II RF, and RMF Series filter elements are 21⁄2² O.D. and are available in one piece 10², 20², 30², and 40² length modules. Profile II elements are also available in 23⁄4² diameter AB Code 3, 7 and 8 Series configurations. See Bulletin PRO 400 for further details.

Part Numbers / Ordering Information

Table II. Standard Configurations of Profile II Cartridges

Standard Configurations of Profile II Cartridges
Standard Configurations of Profile II Cartridges

  1. Only P grade AB Series elements may be in-situ steam sterilized.
  2. Extrapolated valves.

* AB style only.
** Provides a positive sealing surface to eliminate potential fluid bypass in competitive housings with blunt knife edges.
*** When the M symbol is selected the part number must end in H21 code.

Table III. Housings For Profile II Elements

Housings For Profile II Elements