Medallion HP Series Liquid/Gas Coalescers

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Medallion HP Series Liquid/Gas Coalescers

Pall’s Medallion HP series of liquid/gas coalescers is designed to meet the needs of the process industry, offering high performance and reduced operation and maintenance costs. Medallion coalescers can be used for many applications to enhance process performance.

Pall offers a full range of product options designed to meet various performance needs.

Materials of Construction

  • Glass Microfiber Medium
  • A Style:
    • Compatible with most applications
    • SOE P/N: CS604LGT2H13
    • DOE P/N: CS604LGT2DH13
  • B Style:
    • Compatible with Amine and Ammonia gas/li>
    • SOE P/N: CS604LGBT2H13
    • DOE P/N: CS604LGBT2DH13
  • End caps: 300 series SS



  • Inlet/Outlet Reciprocating Compressor
  • Turbine Protection
  • Inlet/Outlet Amine Contactor
  • Low and Ultra-low NOx Burner Protection
  • Inlet/Outlet Glycol Contactor
  • Gas Separation Membrane Protection
  • Mole Sieve Protection
  • Sales Gas
  • Mercury Removal Catalyst Protection
  • Transmission Pipeline Gas
  • Pipeline Metering / Compression Stations


Performance Data

  • Liquids: 99.999% at 0.3 micron per DOP test
    1 ppb downstream liquids (CAGI)¹
  • Solids: 99.7% for particles >0.3 micron per NaCl test
  • Max Burst Pressure: 50 psid (3.45 bard)
  • Maximum operating temperatures:
    180°F (82.2 °C) in gas service with no water present
    140°F (60.0 °C) in gas service with water present

¹ Per the modified ANSI/CAGI-400-1999 test procedure.

Medallion HP Series Liquid/Gas Coalescers Benefits